i am an American by birth Texan by choice loud and proud..i embrace my mexican heritage yet i will always support and love my America.i am color blind so alot of these images are either dark or in black and white and these are some of my favorite things..im a cowboy at heart a biker in soul and a rocker to the core i am country i am metal.i love cars trucks motorcycles guitars guns ufc bladed weapons country tejano rock and metal music cowboy hats boots bandanas and all kinds of other things...,im married to probably one of the coolest chicks in the world I am also an outlaw a cowboy from hell a 3%'er..this is a little collection of things I like..all images are from the internet..that I had downloaded before my tumblr account,and are considered to be free domain,so not everybody might get credit for their image..mine will be tagged as "mine" before you ask me to remove an image make sure you have asked others to remove theirs as well i do not claim to own any of these images unless noted.if you see something you don't like or disagree with something I say or post..good move along I don't care for your negative opinion or uninformed political mind.

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